Our Sound

High Definition Audio

We draw upon massive neodymium acoustic drivers that deliver invigorating and explosive vibrations.

Active Noise Cancellation Technology

Our Active Noise Cancellation technology reduces unwanted outside noise so your music shines alone.

Our Design

Elegant Design

Our engineers focus on delivering nothing short of clean and smooth designs that capture the attention of the eyes and the ears.


We've developed a multitude of upgrades & accessories to allow your product to operate in almost any environment.

Our Commitment

A Better Music Experience

We promise to deliver sounds that evoke your deepest emotions and strike your greatest inspirations.

Dedicated Support Team

Our dedicated support staff and technicians are always ready to help.

What Our Customers Say

Our inspiration

It started with a simple idea – create a high quality, well designed headphone that we wanted ourselves. We wanted a headphone that delivered more than just sound, but an experience that would evoke your deepest emotions and elevate your state of being to a whole other world – your own world of music. When you strap on a pair of Alienvibes headphones, you’ll find a dimension where your music, your mind, and your spirit, become one.

  • High Definition Sound 90%

  • Ultra-Modern Design 90%

  • Modular Power 85%

Hear Your World, Through Ours